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Bunasawa-Kai Honbu Dojo Promtion Test will be Held !!!

Bunasawa-Kai Honbu Dojo Judo Promtion Test will be held on this comming week.

Jr. Promotion test will be held on this Tue 6/20rd and Sr. Promotion test will be schedualed on Fri 6/23. - Testing fee is requred at site (Dojo).

  1. Jr. Promotion test 6/20 (Tue) : Start at 4:30 Kinder (10Kyu Yellow w/white stripe belt) Jr. 9th Kyu Yellow Belt and Upper rank start at 4:50.

  2. Sr. Promotion test 6/23 (Fri) : Start at 6:15 Sr. 6Kyu (Green belt) and Uppper rank same time.

  3. All Brown belt candidate (2kyu-1kyu) and up need Testers credit for your promotions.

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