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BKI Hombu Dojo Promotions Lists & Shiai-Results & Party - This Friday

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

2023 The Promotion Lists ( Jr. 10th kyu - Sr. 4th Kyu Belt.)

Head Assistant Tester: Cary Okawa

Tester Jr & Sr: Suzan Okawa, Tomo Matsuoka, Mary Wakabayashi

Tester creadits points for the next rank: Dan Frio , Blake Torme, Thomas Lynch, Adel

1. Jr. Kinder 10kyu (Yellow Belt w/White Stripe )

Spencer Hayashi ( Age 6). Adrian Correal (Age 5). Kailani Lynch (Age 6).

2. Jr. Kinder & Yonen 9kyu (Yellow Belt )

Taia Moriguchi (Age 5). Victoria Correal (Age 8). Gary Dao (Age 9 ). Michael Bandzeladze (Age 10). Kevin Yamazali (Age 8). Kaimana Chun (Age 13).

3. Jr. Yonen & Shonen 8kyu (Orange Belt )

Victoria Coreal (Age 12). Michael Shapirshteyn (Age 11). Alex Joly (Age 11). Kaimana Lynch (Age 9). Rawen German (Age 13).

4. Jr. Yonen & Shonen 7kyu (Orange Belt w/ Black Stripe )

John Lewis

5. Jr & Sr. Shonen & Seinen 6kyu (Green Belt )

Jr. Spencer Lewis (Age 15). Marcus Xu (Sr). Joshua Cutler (Sr).

6. Sr. Seinen 5kyu (Green Belt w/ Black Stripe )

Hiroko Moriguchi (Sr). Steven Sare (Sr). Victor Cobar (Sr). Dixuan Huang (Sr). Gerard Ngo (Sr). Alexander Smith (Sr). Phi Nguyen (Sr). Huiquan Li (Sr).

7. Sr. Seinen 4kyu (Blue Belt )

Duy Thuy (Sr). Fernando Kowalski (Sr).

Bunasawa-Kai member's Family and friends are all Welcome !!!!!

Program : 7/28 th (Fri Day) Start 6:15pm -BKI Dojo

A. Date & Time: 6:15- 9:30 pm. 7/28 (Fri), 2023

B. PLACE: Bunaswa-kai Dojo, 254 Victoria St, Costa Mesa Ca 92627 (Honganji Temple Newport Beach).

C. Type of Party: Potluck -All BKI members bring any main dishes or dessert or any type of foods. BunaswaKai will provide Pizza and beverages.

  1. Jr. & Sr. Warm-up and light workout. -6:15 pm.

  2. Promotions and Award ceremony. -7:00 pm.

  3. Party start. -7:45 pm -till 9:30 pm.

BKI Honbu dojo Fighting team:

JR. Todd : Gold - Golden State Championships. Gold - Nank Invitational, Gold -Cal State Game, Gold-Sanshi Invitational.

Jr. Urrukei: Gold- Cal State Game, Gold - Nank Invitational, 2nd- Sanshi Invitational.

Jr. Alex : Gold -Sanshi Invitational.

Jr. Kevin: 3rd -Cal State game.

* Jr Cauan Testia: Gold -Nanka Invitational (Former member still represent -BKI team,)

Sr. Li: Gold -Nanka Invitational.

Sr. Phi: 2nd -Nanmka Invitational

Sr. Fernando: 3rd -Nanka invitational

Sr. Takagi: Gold -Nanka Invitational

Sr. Allen: Gold -Cal State Games, Gold & 3rd- Golden State Championships

BKI -CG Judo Murrieta

Sr. Steve: Gold -Cal State Game, 3rd -Nanka Invitational, 2nd -Sanshi Invitational,

Sr. Jose: 3rd -Cal State Game

IJKF / BKI Bunasawa Kai Judo / Jukkendo Organization.

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