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2022 Fall BKI Promotion Tests Compleated

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

BunasawaKai (BKI/IJKF) Fall promotion test has been completed Nov 22 -12/13.


1. -Jr.10th Kyu (Yellow w/ white stripe Belt): Taia Moriguchi, Victoria Correal.

2. -Jr. 9th Kyu (Yellow Belt): Micheal Shapirshteyn, Alex Joly, Carolina Correal, Tod and Urnuun Myagmarsuren, Kaimana Lynch, Rowan German.

3. -Jr. 8th Kyu (Orange Belt): Seigo Takagi, John and Spencer Lewis, Madelyn Lee.

4. -Sr. 6 Kyu (Green Belt): Jimmy Correal, Phi Nguyen, Alex Smith, Gerard Ngo, Huang Dixuan.

5. -Sr. 5 Kyu (Green w/Black stripe Belt): Duy Thuy, Fernando Kowalski

6. -Sr. 2 Kyu (Brown w/Black stripe Belt): Tim Lewis.

7. -Sr. 1st Dan (Black Belt) : Raj Patel.

8. -Sr. 3rd Dan (Black Belt -USJF) : Nick Feinhals, Cary Okawa, Mary Wakabayashi.


1. -Sr. 2nd Dan (Black Belt): Susan Okawa.

- Congratulations !!! students who all passed the

promotion test. -(12/13/2022)

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