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Nori Bunasawa performs a judo Scissor takedown (Kani Basami) on legendary judo master Masahiko Kimura. Famous for the Kimura lock!

Sensei Nori Bunasawa 

     Born in Tokyo, Japan and the youngest of 7 siblings, Nori started judo at a very early age. After having many physical confrontations with older and much bigger classmates while playing various high school sports, he decided to learn the art of Judo and self defense. Quickly adapting to the rigorous discipline he honed in on his favorite techniques taught by his mentors and became recognized as one of Japans top contenders. He joined Waseda University judo team in 1967 where he became all Japan weight limit champion, all Tokyo university champion and a member of 1969 Japanese world team. Nori realized his true passion for the art of Judo and wanted to continue perfecting it by sharing it with the rest of the world.

After graduating from Waseda University, Nori decided to travel to the United States where he landed in Pennsylvania. Learning English at Edinboro University, he started teaching judo to the local college students. His reputation and impressive credentials attracted many followers as well as many prominent businessmen and investors. He accepted and offer to be head judo instructor at the Ichiban Sports Complex in Arkansas in 1975, teaching many kids, college students and women. As head instructor, Nori designed and perfected his judo curriculum, producing champions in every age and weight category. He was invited to coach the U.S judo world team in 1975 where he continued to produce champions.


Nori travel around the country holding seminars, and teaching his specific methods for effective judo to anyone with a passion for the art. Finding a home in Sunny California, he continues to teach his world class judo at Bunasawa-Kai headquarters in Costa Mesa California. Applying many different methods for today's MMA and self defense, Bunasawa has reinvented Maeda effective mma fighting style of judo/jiu-jitsu which he calls Jukkendo.

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