Nori Bunasawa (9th Dan 4/2016, Kodokan Judo, Founder, Bunasawa JUKKENDO "Mitsuyo Maeda (Ring name Conde Koma), Style of Judo/ Jiujitsu/ MMA" Sensei Bunasawa is a former Japanese Judo champion and World team member. He coached the team in 1975 and founder of JUKKENDO, which is new form of martial art based on Kodokan Jigoro Kano's Judo Self-defense and "Conde Koma" Mitsuyo Maeda's Pro-fighting MMA style of Judo/ Jiujitsu. Sensei widely known and respected in the Judo/ Jujitsu circles through out the world. In 1979 he founded and continues to publish Judo Journal, now known as Judo/Jujitsu/Pro-Fighting Journal. Like Mitsuyo Maeda"Conde Koma", the martial arts have been Bunasawa sensei's Life's work. His credentials are impressive:

  • All Japan weight limit Championships, light middle Wt; Silver medal
  • Member of 1969 Japanese World Team (Alternate)
  • All Tokyo University Championships; light middle Wt; Gold medal
  • All Japan University Team Championships; 2nd
  • All Tokyo University Team Championships; 1st
  • Saitama State Grand Champion & -70kg: 1st
  • Member of Waseda University Judo Team
  • 1995 U.S. World Team Coach
  • 9th dan (Grand master Red belt)- April 6th, 2016
  • He studied under Yoshimi Osawa, 10th Dan Kodokan Judo; Masahiko Kimura 7th dan, All Japan judo champion and Pro-Judo/Jujitsu fighter defeats Helio Gracie by famous "KIMURA"; Kenji Tomiki founder of Tomiki Aikido; and the founders of Jono Goshindo. Bunasawa's own style is now known as Bunasawa "JUKKENDO" based on Mitsuyo Maeda's pro-fighting style of Judo/ Jiujitsu /MMA, seen in today's Mixed Martial Arts.-Check Youtube : Judo Grand master vs Karate or :Bunasawa Jukken Judo vs Olympic Judo

    In short, Sensei is well qualified to edit a newspaper on all the modern martial arts listed on the banner of his journal and especially on the life of his fellow Waseda alumnus, Mitsuyo Maeda ("The Godfather of MMA & BJJ"). In 1975, Sensei Bunasawa did a stage show with Bob Hope. In 1984 he made an Olympic Games ad for ABC television. In 1992, Sensei Bunasawa starred in a feature length Hollywood martial arts action comedy, "Judo Justice (Martial Marshal)", shot on location in rural Oregon. In 2006, he acted in Clint Eastwood's Academy Award nominated movie; "Letters from Iwojima". Sensei Bunasawa has participated in many films for TV and cinema. In the process, he's become the Bruce Lee of Judo.