Assistant Sensei
Tsubasa Goya (3rd Dan, Kodokan Judo)

Tsubasa Goya has been the acting "Uchideshi", or live in sensei in training, under 8th Dan Sensei Bunasawa since 2008. Tsubasa has more than 20 years of Judo experience, and brings a very efficient and clean Japanese style of Judo into the Dojo .Tsubasa is currently a 3rd Dan Black belt in Kodokan Judo, and currently studying the "Conde Koma" style martial art of JUKKENDO under founder Nori Bunasawa.

Tsubasa graduated with a four year degree from International Budo University with a degree in Physical Education. He has taught P.E. classes in both public junior high schools and high schools in Japan. He has taught adults and kids with special education needs. His experience includes working with players who have mental or physical disabilities backgrounds.


  • Graduated International Budo University in Chiba prefecture Japan. International Budo University puts a focus on Judo as well as other Japanese martial arts. During Tsubasa's time at the university it was a top 8 school in the nation for Judo. There are a total of only 150 students chosen anually worldwide to practice Judo at the university.
  • Obtained four year degree in Physical Education and is Licensed to teach in Japan. to be able to teach in public junior high schools and high schools in Japan.
  • "All Japan Sports Championship, Judo Okinawa Preliminary"
    (-73kg) - 3rd Place.
  • "Nikkei Game Judo Championship" - 1st Place
  • "California State Judo Championship" - 1st Place
  • "USJF, USJA Winter National Judo Championship" - 1st Place.

    He also teaches and learns another martial art called "JUKKENDO" which was founded by Sensei Nori Bunasawa based on the style of Mitsuyo Maeda. Maeda, a Kodokan Judo Master, was the person who introduced Judo and Jujutsu to the Gracie Family. The Gracies' later went on to found what is now known world wide as Brazillian Jiujitsu.
    Bunasawa's JUKKENDO has recently been formalized and classes have been going on since January of 2011. So far there are many people who have begun training.