1st Degree Black Belt: Shodan


  • Tsurikomi-Goshi
  • Ura-Nage
  • Soto-Makikomi
  • Katame-Waza (Pinning Techniques)

  • Demonstrate all previous Katame-Waza
  • Ukemi (Breakfall Techniques)

  • Demonstrate mastery of Ukemi
  • Shime-Waza (Strangulation Techniques)

  • Sankaku-Jime
  • Demonstrate all previous Shime-Waza
  • Kansetsu-Waza (Joint Locking Techniques)

  • Ude Hishigi Juji-Gatame (Cross Armlock)
  • Waki-Gatame
  • Hiza-Gatame
  • Demonstrate all previously learned Kansetsu-Waza
  • "The aim of judo is to utilize physical and mental strength most effectively. Its training is to understand the true meaning of life through the mental and physical training of attack and defense. You must develop yourself as a person and become a useful citizen to society."
    -Jigoro Kano, Founder of Judo